18 May 2009

Major Art Project!!!!! Ideas?

Hello everyone, for visual arts in year 12 we have to create a major project. I have already had an idea, but i still need a little help.
Have you ever heard of Project 365? If not it bascially is just that you take a photo a day for a whole year.
But i want to take it further and what i want to do is take a photo every day for a year, but i am going to start on my 16th birthday. I am thinking that i am going to use the photos and create an small album which has everyday in it
do ATC's. do one everyday for a year, something like that. Maybe include a photo everyday im not completely sure yet.
This is why i want you opinions, do you like the idea i have? or have you got any suggestions?
Hope you can help me out, i will be very thankful!!


  1. I think ATC's are the way to go, because they are small you can do something quickly with them. You can also get the footy card page protectors for them.
    Good idea Talia to start on your 16th birthday :)


  2. Definately ATC's...get the cheap protectors, you can cut them into strips as well to make different sizes example 3 in a row if you wanted to use 3 photos from one day to create impact...you could add A4 size layouts into the folder too.

    ps: Good luck you take wicked photos already!!

  3. Your blog is very perfect dear Talia :)
    The Ideas, the words, the pictures... yes! pictures, need´s much picture.
    see your blog later.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion Ruth.

    I am thinking that i am going to definantly fo atc size, and im thinking that i am going to use prtectors or football card protectors, something simialar

    Thanks for all the comments :)