27 July 2009

Kyra's House

Went to Kyra's house the other day and did some scrapbooking. Here is what i did:

25 July 2009


For the Roll2Create July CC challenge i did, i made two ATCs. Here they are:
The challenge was to make two ATCs about what you want right now.

21 July 2009

Max and Cinders

Went outside with the animals today cause it was sunny outside! (:
Pictures of my cat worked out. But the ones of my dog didnt work the way i wanted it lol


I tried to get Max to come a play with me for the photo.. but he just sat there.. so then i just sat there. haha

Walking at night.

I didnt think they turned out to well.. but i posted them anyway

16 July 2009

Page Swap!

Did this swap at Young Scrap Birds
I Did my layout for Rach, the picture is of her gorgeous daughter, Izzy (:
Glad you like it Rach! (:

12 July 2009


First layout ive done this month. ive been very bad, i know.

I did this layout for two challenges.
1. Young-Scrap-Birds July sketch challenge:

2. Ready,Set, Scrap's July theme challenge - The was friendship, had to have a quote as the title and use lace.
Heres my layout:

07 July 2009

Slide! not swing!

I did this layout last month.. but I put the title as swing when the kids are on a slide! i have no idea how i managed to do this! i was very frustrated with myself because i love this layout!

03 July 2009

I found photos!

I went through my photos the other day and found some pictures that i havnt posted yet! so thought i would share them with you :)

(sorry if i have posted them before, there may be one or two)

Was on the bus one day and took a few photos with my mates camera:

Went outside one night and there were fifty gazillion snails!

Scrapbooking with Ruby
Then went outside for a photo update :)

Walking one day, and practiced close-up shots for my photography class
Last weekend when we had family and friends over for drinks (obviosly just the adults lol)
Random pictures of my cat

Have a good weekend everyone xO.x

01 July 2009

Lotsa photos

Tomorrow i will have a heap of photos for you!
I went through my photos today and found some that i havnt posted yet, so tomorrow I will try and get them all up!

Roll2Create in July

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