26 April 2009

More of Roll2Create. April CC

Challenge 3 - I had to use a picture of myself, a title, bling, 5 flowers and 2 pattern papers. This is what i did:

Challenge 4 - We were given a sketch that we had to go by. Here is the sketch:
Here is what i did:
Technique challenge- We had to use lillopop flowers. I had never used them before and i really like them :D Here is what i did:

If you would like to visit the website. Click HERE for the link.
Have a good day. xO.x

25 April 2009

Roll2Create. April CC

For challenge one I had to use my favourite poem on the layout. i also had to have handcut flowers and chipboard:

For the second challenge we had to use 5 colours from a rainbow and we also had to have an arc in our layout:

I will post the rest of the challenges when i have finished them =)

24 April 2009


Just showing some photos from my friend's dad's 40th. Two of us were dressed as angels and the other two had masks and scarfs =)

Scrapping update

This layout was for Roll2Create. And we had to use the quote: "Cherish the moments for they too become memories"

This layout was also for Roll2Create. I had to use the colours orange and green:

Here are some more pages that ive done in my journal of me and ruby:
The next two i did in my qoute/meaning/poem/lyrics journal:

Hope everyone is well :)


23 April 2009

Layouts this arvo

heyy guys, sorry i havnt added anything in a while, but i will have some layouts to show you this afternoon. around about 5.30ish lol. and i might also have some photos for you as well if youre lucky =)
Have a good day everyone.

15 April 2009

08 April 2009

Scrapping update

Ive done a scraplift challenge on Roll2Create. I had to use one of Ruby's Layouts:
I've also done a word challenge where i had to use the word "friends":

I've started a quotes/lyrics/poems/meanings journal. Here are my first few pages. But i still have to do a starting page and a cover.

Hope everyone has been good lately =)

06 April 2009

More Layouts

Journaling: The Girls. Kimmy and Kawa visiting in 2008

05 April 2009


journaling: Flowers have an expression of countenance
as much as men or animals.
Some seem to smile;
some have a sad expression;
some are pensive and diffident;
others again are plain, honest and upright,
like the broad-faced sunflower
and the hollyhock.
~Henry Ward Beecher, Star Papers

04 April 2009

01 April 2009

Canvas + a LO

I bought a canvas and the letter 'T' AGESS ago! and i've finally done something with it. Hope you like :)

I also did a LO the other day =)

The kids

Yesterday i was out the front with some of the kids in the street, and they were riding their scooters and ripsticks so i thought i would take a few photos, plus they wanted me too.

The last photo was quite funny :P

Hope everyone is having a good week =)