31 March 2009

i know i havnt posted in a while.. im sorry!
i should have some stuff for you tomorrow
Have a good day xO.x

22 March 2009

Roll2create mini challenge

Last night i did a loyout for roll2create's Friday mini challenge this week. It was the first time i did one of their challenges and I really enjoyed it.
If you would like to check out their blog, click here.

Here is the layout i had to use:

And here is what i did:

Have a good week


21 March 2009

My friend Ashleigh

On thursday i went out for a walk with my friend, Ashleigh.
We took some photos, and i thought i would just share them.

20 March 2009

Your turn to edit

I took a picture of myself yesterday.. i edited it twice, one in colour and one in sepia. But here is the original:

I want you to edit it and send it to me at talia.lynette.blahh@hotmail.com
I'm interested to see how other people edit. :)
If you want you can add in what you did to make it that way.


Here are my two edits:

18 March 2009

No Homework = Layouts

No homework one day = Talia doing layouts :D

15 March 2009


On friday night i went to Bents basin for the night. I went with my youth group as a surprise thing. We slept in tents and we had a campfire too.

I couldn't decide which picture was edited best:
The black and white one:

Or the normal coloured one:

What do you think?

And there was also a little frog that we saved:

Have a good week


I found.

Today i was just searching on google and i was searching my own name. Now who doesnt do that? well i did it today and i found my blog and stuff like that.. but i also found this t-shirt that is for sale:

Then i kept seaching stuff.. and i found out that it is the 40th anniversary of the book "The Hungry Caterpillar" !!!!

I don't know anyone who hasn't read that book as a child.

12 March 2009

This Afternoon.

I was outside and i found a lady beetle.

Then i went away.. came back and there was also a little white spider.

Found a spider web too. Not created by the little white one.
Then there was a fly.

Have a good weekend.

This morning.

6.30am. through my kitchen window. no editing.

09 March 2009

Random Photo

I took this on valentines day. My friend gave me two mini roses, which i had in my hair for the day :)

Another page

Just another page in my journal to share..

07 March 2009

More of my journal

I've been busy doing homework and working so i havn't been doing much lately.. but here is some of what i have done.

Hope you had a good weekend.

04 March 2009

Photograph mood

This arvo after school i felt like taking our my camera and snapping a few photos.
This is my cat, Cinders.
This is my dog, Max.

Then i went outside and took some pictures of the kids in the street. They were riding their ripsticks.

Have a good friday (:

02 March 2009

i love my cousins

Months ago now i took some photos of my little cousins when they were visiting.
The first six photos were with my old camera (which had very little megapixels).. so i rekon they turned out pretty good for a crumby camera lol

The next three photos were taken with my new camera.. but i still waiting for my editing program..