28 February 2009

Textiles and Design

At school i do textiles and design. For class we have to have an inspiration book that we put pictures of textiles in. Majority of the class just baught a book and stuck pictures in it, but i decided to cover mine and make it look nice.

Have a good week. xO.x

24 February 2009

More journal pages. =)

since i told you about my journal, I've been working on it and done a few pages when I've had the time. so here are the pages that I've done so far...

Thanks for looking. xO.x

p.s. ruby, stop having reallly busy weekends!!!

15 February 2009

Journal. BFF

I started a journal about me and my best friend, Ruby.
I'm going to put pictures of each sleepover we have in it.
Here are a few pics to the start of it:

The front cover:
First pages (intoduction):
Thanks for looking xO.x
Have a great day =)

11 February 2009

Little Cousins

Heyy =)
I had my little cousins over for a couple of days and i don't get to see them very often because they live so far away, so i took the opportunity to take some photos and scrap them:

Thanks for looking. xO.x

10 February 2009

Scrapbooking from the past

I took some pictures of some layouts that I've done. So here are some pictures =)
Enjoy. xO.x
This is of me and my BBF Ruby: =)

These ones i made on a blank CD:

This one is of me and my cousin Hannah at the park:
Thanx for looking.

Tree Photo


Just wanted to share a picture that i took.

I found it yesterday when i went through my photos.

I took it at the end of last year.

It was a very relaxing day.


08 February 2009

Heyy guys.

Im new to this blog thing so yeahh

Thought i would just put up a picture that I've taken so you guys can see something I've done.

Thanks for looking =)