04 December 2009

17 November 2009

Roll2Create - Casino Royale Challenge 6

This was my example for the last challenge of Roll2Create's Casino Royale.
After walking out of the casino, are you broke or are you rich?
The challenge is to either create a layout that is tattered and torn, or a layout full of bling.
I decided to do tattered and torn (:

Long time no see

Hi everyone!
very sorry i havnt posted in so long!
i was grounded for a while and my scrapping stuff was taken off me!
I have a few posts for you, which i will do now (:

13 October 2009

100th Post!

YAY #100!

September challenge at Young Scrap Birds
It was a spring challeneg and I had to use things such as flowers, animals, etc
I won this challenge (:
Here is my layout:

10 October 2009

Project Fashionista

.. turns out i did three not two LOL
-Must include black
- 20brads or 20 eyelets
- At least two of the following: leather, mesh, wire, staples, paper clips, foil and bottle caps

Project Fashionista

- Use circles
- the quote "we are shaped and fashioned by what we love"
- Use felt

Project Fashionista

PROJECT FASHIONISTA on wicked princesses forum.
sadly i am no longer taking part as i missed a week because i went away.
so i decided i am going to post the two challenges i did (:
Challenge One:
- Use the picture as inspiration.
- Three Different pattern papers.
- Only choose two of the following: ribbon beads bling mesh feathers sequins
Here is my layout:

04 October 2009

Sketch Challenge

My challenge for the month at Roll2create was a sketch challenge. You also have to use lots of pink..

Casino Royale

Here is my example layout for Roll2Create's Casino Royale Cgallenge 3

The Challenge was to use either:

A cluster of seven embellies


seven photos.

you also had to use paint or ink.

and a double page was optional.

01 October 2009

Going away

Just letting everyone know that i wont be online again until monday as i am going away with family and a friend to a house near the beach!
Everyone take care!

Want some BLOG CANDY?

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For this blogaversary candy:

28 September 2009



October at Roll2Create:

..also, the silenct auction is going towards a charity!

20 September 2009

My Circle Journal Pages

For my circle journal i have gotten everyone to do two pages in it.
The first page to be about them (so i can get to know them better)
and the second page has their favourite quote or lyrics on it.
Here are my pages:
First Page:

Second Page:

17 September 2009

Smile Boys

This is the layout I did for a challenge over at Scrapboutique
It was a 1, 2, 3 challenge which i had to use:
1. Bookpaper
2. The word - SMILE - on your page
3. Include a "non-scrappy" item
For my non-scrappy item i used bangles

15 September 2009


Here is a challenge i am hosting at Roll2Create:
To view the thread click HERE <--
For this challenge you are to find and photograph 15 "things", one for each category on the list. It does not have to be an actual object it just have to do with the category.
I will be giving a prize for each category. Example: if the first category is “Red” and three people took a photo, I will choose the best photo out of the three and send that person a prize. The prizes will be small RAKS.
I will also be sending out small RAKS to anyone who takes a photo of ALL 15 categories.
Photo entries will close October 31st. any photos uploaded after this date will not be accepted.
When you upload your photo to the gallery: make sure you put what number “thing” you have done or you can just put the category you used in your title.
15 Things:
1. Everyday
2. Movement
3. Humour
4. Black & white
5. Blur
6. Mirror
7. Collection
8. Little things
9. Bliss
10. Scrambled
11. In the distance
12. In the water
13. Smile
14. Two
15. Higher

08 September 2009

Want to be on a design team?

Roll 2 Create are looking for 2 new DT members, so they are going to have a DT comp
For more details please come and register at
http://roll2create.net/scrapforum to read all about it and to sign up if your interested in taking part
There will be 5 rounds, with the first round starting on the 14thth September
So go and have a go at join a great team

Circle Journal

Over at Young Scrap Birds i am participating in a circle journal!
It's my first one and im very excited!
For my theme i chose quotes and lyrics
Which everyone will do a page of their favourite lyrics or quote
Here is the front cover:
I will have pictures of my pages soon
Hope everyone is well!

04 September 2009

Talia and Ruby Journal

Another page of my best friend Ruby and I (:

01 September 2009

ATC swap host

Hey everyone!
I will be hosting an ATC swap every two months now over at Roll2Create
The first swap sign ups have now been opened
and the first theme is QUOTES!
Sign ups close on September 15th
For more info just check out the thread by clicking -->here<--
If you have any other questions after reading it just post on the thread or email me at: talia.lynette.blahh@hotmail.com
Hope you can join in!

23 August 2009

Young Scrap Birds CC

This is the layout i did for the sketch challenge:

and here is the sketch:



21 August 2009


Little brother was outside with some bubbles that i bought, so i pulled out the camera and snapped a few pics

The last photo was him trying to hit the bubbles, and he went a bit crazy lol

19 August 2009

Roll2Create Update

It's been a little while since we've done an update so I thought I'd share a bit of what is going on.We're moving our forum from Ning (http://roll2create.ning.com/) back to the orginal format but it will be better than before! So come on over - join in with the chatter, share your favourite scrapping tip & techniques, take a monthly challenge or two, join in our RAKS & swaps and sooo much more. http://roll2create.net/scrapforum/
If you've joined our Ning community, stick around because we'll be starting our weekly Scrap & Chats on the Friday in September (4th September). If you haven't joined we'd love for you to come on over and have a chat (http://roll2create.ning.com/chat).
Just a reminder that you still have time to enter our Casino Royale competition. First prize is a Kaiser storage pack, a Kaiser goodies pack and a DT spot. Registrations are due 31st August. For more details, see our blog (http://roll2create.net/blog/).
CLEAR THE STORE SALE. We're clearing the store - all products must go!! Reductions of up to 50% off on some products. When the store is cleared we'll be closing down the store for a month while we do some minor updates and stock back up on new products.

13 August 2009

Card from Ali

Here is the card from Ali that i mentioned in one of my earlier posts:
Thanks again!

Birthday Pictures

Just a few shots from my birthday:

The ring i got for my birthday of my family:

Hope everyone is well! xx

11 August 2009

Birthday Card

This is a card i got from Ali for my 16th!
Thankyou so much!
I also recieved a card from another Alison, i will post that one as soon as i have taken a picture!
Thanks again!
I just found out that Bev is celebrating her 400,000 hit!
So go check out her page!
She is giving away some nice candy!
Check it out at:

04 August 2009


Went out to dinner on the weekend for my birthday, and we has chinese! Just have a few shots to share:
We were all trying to use chopsticks, here is a shot of ruby:

27 July 2009

Kyra's House

Went to Kyra's house the other day and did some scrapbooking. Here is what i did:

25 July 2009


For the Roll2Create July CC challenge i did, i made two ATCs. Here they are:
The challenge was to make two ATCs about what you want right now.

21 July 2009

Max and Cinders

Went outside with the animals today cause it was sunny outside! (:
Pictures of my cat worked out. But the ones of my dog didnt work the way i wanted it lol


I tried to get Max to come a play with me for the photo.. but he just sat there.. so then i just sat there. haha