15 September 2009


Here is a challenge i am hosting at Roll2Create:
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For this challenge you are to find and photograph 15 "things", one for each category on the list. It does not have to be an actual object it just have to do with the category.
I will be giving a prize for each category. Example: if the first category is “Red” and three people took a photo, I will choose the best photo out of the three and send that person a prize. The prizes will be small RAKS.
I will also be sending out small RAKS to anyone who takes a photo of ALL 15 categories.
Photo entries will close October 31st. any photos uploaded after this date will not be accepted.
When you upload your photo to the gallery: make sure you put what number “thing” you have done or you can just put the category you used in your title.
15 Things:
1. Everyday
2. Movement
3. Humour
4. Black & white
5. Blur
6. Mirror
7. Collection
8. Little things
9. Bliss
10. Scrambled
11. In the distance
12. In the water
13. Smile
14. Two
15. Higher

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