31 May 2009


Hey everyone. I'm really sorry that there hasnt been any posts in AGES!
My computer got hacked, but now im back! and i will definantly have layouts for you tomorrow! and possibly a photo or two! :D
Hope everyone is well!

24 May 2009

CYBER CROP! - Roll2Create

Click here <-- for the website

19 May 2009


I am now the Teen DT Member for Roll2Create!
Exciting stuff! Come and check out the site!

18 May 2009

Major Art Project!!!!! Ideas?

Hello everyone, for visual arts in year 12 we have to create a major project. I have already had an idea, but i still need a little help.
Have you ever heard of Project 365? If not it bascially is just that you take a photo a day for a whole year.
But i want to take it further and what i want to do is take a photo every day for a year, but i am going to start on my 16th birthday. I am thinking that i am going to use the photos and create an small album which has everyday in it
do ATC's. do one everyday for a year, something like that. Maybe include a photo everyday im not completely sure yet.
This is why i want you opinions, do you like the idea i have? or have you got any suggestions?
Hope you can help me out, i will be very thankful!!

16 May 2009

Botanic Garden

PHOTOGRAPHY EXCURSION! Went to the botanic gardens, took about 130 photos. We had to use SLR cameras to take black and white landscape photos. And we also had to use our digital cameras to take coloured close-ups.
Hope you like the photos! (all these photos are from my camera)

Hope you like them! Have a good weekend! xO.x

13 May 2009

Sorry, but tomorrow.... :)

Sorry i havnt posted in a few days, i havn't done any layouts at all!! :( so sad. I have been busy with school stuff and everything else. BUT
tomorrow i have a school excursion to the botanic gardens. It is for photography, and we have to take photos!!
I'm not going to tell you all about it yet, but i will show you the photos when i've edited them and everything :)
Have a good evening everyone!

10 May 2009


What did you do for your mum today?
If you're a mum, what did your children do for you?
I gave my mum breakfast in bed and bought her presents which i also gave to her while she was in bed =) but i had to work today so we didnt go anywhere.

08 May 2009

School - Visual Arts

At school in visual arts I had to create 4 artworks that related to Brett Whiteley. We were allowed to use his artworks or create our own artworks that related to his "journey" (his life). But we also had to use certain materials throughout the artworks: here is the list:
- Acrylic paint
- Black ink
- Brown Paper
- Plaster Bandage
- Charcoal
- Corrugated cardboard
- Hessian
- Shellac
- Oil Pastel/Crayon
- Wax
- Cellophane
- Tissue paper
- Watercolour
- Lead pencil

These were my four artworks (sorry about some of the blury photos):

Have a good weekend!

06 May 2009

Roll2Create Challenge

This was for the may sketch.. i dont have the sketch but i will get it tomorrow and update this:

This was a layout i did in my spare time:

05 May 2009

Not related; Just showing you

Check out a video i made!

It's lyrics to No air by Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown:

Click HERE to see it! :D

I also made a video for the song Lift by Shannon Noll. Out of all my videos that is the one that has the most views and it was the latest one i uploaded. It also has the most comments out of all my videos.

If you would like to see it, here is the link: Click Here

If you would like to see my Youtube Channel with some of my other videos: Click Here

On another topic... Sorry i havnt had any layouts on here in a while, i havnt had much time to scrapbook.. I should have some tomorrow for you though :)

03 May 2009

I want to see your photos and scrapbooking!

Lately i have been more interested in seeing other people's photography and scrapbooking layouts.
So i want you to leave me a comment with a link to some of your photography or scrapbooking!
I want to see YOUR favourite layout or photograph of your own work!
If you like you can also leave a link of your favourite photograph or scrapbook layout that somebody else has done!
After a week i will make a new post with all the links so that everyone can see them as well!
Can't wait to see everyones favourites!
If you could please tell your followers about it, i will be very thankful :D

02 May 2009


I edited the photos :) here they are:
I found a photo from the start of the year when i was at Canberra:

I went for a walk to the shops yesterday and took a few photos on the way. At school in photography we will be taking photos of objects close up, so i took some close-ups:The last one i moved the camera

This photo i randomly took at my friends house:
Hope everyone had a good day


01 May 2009


Heyy everyone.
Sorry i havn't updated in a few days. Holidays are over now and I'm back at school. Havn't had much time to do any scrapbooking.
I took a few photos today, i still have to edit them and see how they turn out. If they turn out good I'll show them to you :D
Hope everyone has a good month :D