03 May 2009

I want to see your photos and scrapbooking!

Lately i have been more interested in seeing other people's photography and scrapbooking layouts.
So i want you to leave me a comment with a link to some of your photography or scrapbooking!
I want to see YOUR favourite layout or photograph of your own work!
If you like you can also leave a link of your favourite photograph or scrapbook layout that somebody else has done!
After a week i will make a new post with all the links so that everyone can see them as well!
Can't wait to see everyones favourites!
If you could please tell your followers about it, i will be very thankful :D


  1. this is a nice idea hun!!il get back to you to give my fave lo.

  2. thanks :D cant wait to see your layout!

  3. Great idea - let me get organised after a weekend away and I will do my best

  4. Thats fine, cant wait to see what is your favourite :)