16 May 2009

Botanic Garden

PHOTOGRAPHY EXCURSION! Went to the botanic gardens, took about 130 photos. We had to use SLR cameras to take black and white landscape photos. And we also had to use our digital cameras to take coloured close-ups.
Hope you like the photos! (all these photos are from my camera)

Hope you like them! Have a good weekend! xO.x


  1. WOW I love them all....you are very clever! Looks like you had lots of inspiration to take photos of! Gorgeous photos Darlin. Keep taking photos hunny you have an eye for detail!

    I have just finished a camera course in Bowen and I have been practising what I have learnt today and I am going to load some of the photos I took this afternoon when I got home! Luv Shaz xoxo

  2. Oh darl these are all gorgeous!!!How I wish I am as good as you when it comes to photography.

  3. stunning photos....love the dragonfly....awesome

  4. I was going from blog to blog clicking the 'Next blog' and when I saw these photos I had a little difficulty in beliving you took 'em.(I'm sorry but maybe its because I've seen such photos only in some great photographer's collection.) I thought I should atleast comment. anyways great pictures and best of luck..