26 April 2009

More of Roll2Create. April CC

Challenge 3 - I had to use a picture of myself, a title, bling, 5 flowers and 2 pattern papers. This is what i did:

Challenge 4 - We were given a sketch that we had to go by. Here is the sketch:
Here is what i did:
Technique challenge- We had to use lillopop flowers. I had never used them before and i really like them :D Here is what i did:

If you would like to visit the website. Click HERE for the link.
Have a good day. xO.x


  1. love love your LO's Talia! Very creative and the details are marvelous


  2. eu sempre adorei suas postagens, mas eu não sei quase nada de falar inglês, quando você arranjar tempo, passe no meu blog e comenta.
    um beijo.

  3. I was just going to say your style kinda remind me of Rubes - then I scrolled down and there you are together! :)

    Love your lil blog - super cute layouts!


  4. Thankyou for the lovely comments :D