03 July 2009

I found photos!

I went through my photos the other day and found some pictures that i havnt posted yet! so thought i would share them with you :)

(sorry if i have posted them before, there may be one or two)

Was on the bus one day and took a few photos with my mates camera:

Went outside one night and there were fifty gazillion snails!

Scrapbooking with Ruby
Then went outside for a photo update :)

Walking one day, and practiced close-up shots for my photography class
Last weekend when we had family and friends over for drinks (obviosly just the adults lol)
Random pictures of my cat

Have a good weekend everyone xO.x


  1. hey talia love your photos! especially those first two of the clouds - they look awesome!

  2. hey hun, thought you might be intrested in a new forum especially for generation y scrappers. come check it out xxx

  3. hey! Im jess just wanted to say that your photography is awesome!!!