24 June 2009


Heyy everyone, as you can see I have changed my blog around! does everyone like it better the new way
Also, sorry i havnt had much updating happening this month, I have been busy with school and work. Hopefully i will find time this weekend to get some scrapping done and will show you next week.. hopefully!

This weekend at Roll2Create is this months CYBER CROP! you should stop by and check it out sometime in the next few days!

Last week i went shopping with my mates and we took some photos in one of the photo booths. Here are a few of the pictures (pictures are a bit blury cause i had to scan them):

This last photo, the two guys wouldnt come in the photo so at the last second i grabbed them by their jumpers and pulled them in. Us girls didnt realise untill later that they had their fingers above our heads! Hope everyone is having a good week so far


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